University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Zonk

This variant was submitted by The Boyz of RVK.

They write:

This style was developed by a group of guys who took the initial rules and fused them with the deck of the card game Fill or Bust! to create the Zonk that is now enjoyed today in Eau Claire.

[... rules, see below]

I know this is a lot, but we really appreciate you letting us share our version. Thanks again for the opportunity to share, and happy rolling!!

And now, the rules:


6 Dice and Fill or Bust! deck required to play.

2 players - called "Heads-up Zonk"

3 or more - Zonk.

The Fill or Bust deck consists of 12 "300" cards, 10 "400" cards, 8 "500s", 8 "No Dice", 4 "MUST BUST", 4 "Vengeance 2500s", 2 "Double Trouble" and 6 "Fill 1000".

Game starts with a roll off to decide who starts. Once the order is determined, each player is given a nickname, starting with the player who will begin the game. Once the names are given, the players' real names must not be used by any other player. If this happens, the violater gets a Z, and their turn ends with no points awarded, or their next turn is skipped. Other Zs include rolling dice off table, rolling a die onto a card, picking up a scoring die, dice landing on top of other dice (architect), and adding score wrong, not flipping a card before rolling on your turn. Basically make up house rules for what is a Z. (delay of game, etc...)

One player is designated scorekeeper in a notebook, and they must name the individual game of Z at the top of the notebook each time it is played.

Many pieces should be packed, according to amt. of players, and there should be at least one bong packed.

1s and 5s are scoring dice. Triples of any dice are scoring. trip ones = 1000. trip 2s = 200, etc. 1s are 100 ea. 5s are 50 ea. 123456 (Rainbow) is 1500. etc.

At the start of a turn a card is flipped. if it is a card such as 300, the dice are then rolled, and a player can choose to keep their score or fill. if they fill, the bonus from the card is added to the score, and a card must be flipped to roll again. failure to do so is a Z.

Every comprehensive 1000 points is a hit from a piece (not BH). There are three benchmark scores that earn BHs if landed on exactly. 4200, 6900, and 10,000. Landing on 10,000 also is a win, which immediatley starts a rebuttal round.

Flipping a No Dice on your turn skips you. Flipping a Fill 1000 means that you must fill all the dice, and do not have the option to stay. once you fill, add 1000 to the score and flip the card and keep going. Flipping a Double Trouble (known as Carmelita) means you must Fill twice before flipping. (bonus points for filling a carmelita are house rules). Flipping a Must Bust means you roll until you bust, all points are then kipt. turn ends. Flippin a Vengeance 2500 means that if you fill, the player in the lead (must have at least 2500 pts) gets a 2500 pt. reduction, roller flips another card and continues turn.

To win the game, hit 10,000 exactly or 13,000+.

There is a magical scoring deity of Zonk named Bertha. Bertha appears on the table when there are two 1s and two 5s. It is IMPERATIVE that you exclaim her name and do not stay on Bertha, for you will be cursed for a long time, with bad rolls, and all around bad luck. NEVER STAY ON BERTHA!!!!!

If you vengeance someone, and their score after the subtraction = a BH, that is an assist, and both players take a BH.