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for 2-6 players

Note: Since its inception, many variants have sprung up.

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Object of the Game

To score points and earn BH's. (Bong Hits, int.obv.cas.obs!)


  • 6 dice (2 each of 3 different colors: red, white, and green preferred)
  • a bong
  • a scoresheet

Beginning Play

Each player rolls one die. Highest roll goes first and play proceeds counter-clockwise. The first player rolls all six dice to start his turn. Certain number combinations are worth game points. (See Scoring Combinations). The player must play at least one scoring combination each time he rolls by setting the scoring die (or dice) to the side. He then picks up the remaining dice and rolls them. Again, at least one scoring combination must be played and set aside, and the remaining dice rolled. This sequence continues until the player can stop and keep his points for the turn, or zonks.

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If, after any roll, no scoring combinations turn up, the player zonks and his turn ends. He scores no points for the turn, and a 'Z' is entered on the scoresheet. The player then does all BH's earned during the roll, if any, before the player to his right begins his roll.

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Keeping Points

A player may stop his turn and keep all points (and BH's) accumulated during the roll if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The player has at least 300 points in this turn. (Note: 500 points are required if it is the player's first score of the game—that is, a 500+ roll is needed to 'break the ice').
  2. The player currently has 4 or 5 scoring dice set aside.

If, at any time it is possible to play all the dice rolled (all 6 dice form scoring combinations), they must all be played immediately. The player keeps track of his points and BH's for the turn, then picks up all 6 dice and continues rolling. All points and BH's now scored are added to the running total for this turn. This continues until the player Zonks or has exactly 4 or 5 scoring dice set aside and stops. If a player Zonks, he loses all points accumulated in the turn.

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The scoresheet has all players listed horizontally at the top. A player's score is kept vertically beneath his name. (See illustration to the right.) If a player stops and scores points, they are added to the previous total and the running total is recorded beneath the last entry. If a player Zonks, a 'Z' is entered. An asterisk is placed next to the entry for each BH earned during the player's turn.

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Scoring Combinations

The following dice combinations are worth points:

  1. A single one is worth 100 points.
  2. A single five is worth 50 points.
  3. Any three-of-a-kind rolled at once is worth 100x the face value of a single die. (e.g., three 4's are worth 400, three two's are worth 200).
  4. Three fives rolled together are worth 500 points. (Note: Fives and ones may not be combined with previously played dice to form triples.)
  5. Three ones rolled together are worth 1000 points.
  6. A royale (a 1-2-3-4-5-6 straight rolled all at once) is worth 1500 points. (Note: since all 6 dice are scoring dice, the player must roll them all again and continue until he Zonks or stops.)

A player may refuse to play any scoring combination as long as he plays at least a one, five, or three-of-a-kind. For example, if a player rolls 1, 4, 4, 3, 4 4, he may keep the one (100 points), three of the 4's (400 points), or three fours and a one (500 points). The fourth 4 is of no scoring value.

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BH's (at last...)

A BH is earned for any of the following:

  1. Getting in the Game - A player's first score of the game entered on the scoresheet (500+ points) earns 1 BH.
  2. Scoring over 1000 points in a single turn earns 1 BH. This BH is automatic, ie. the player keeps it even if he Zonks and loses all points. An additional BH is earned for every multiple of 1000 passed on a single turn. These BH's are also automatic.
  3. Colors (three-of-a-kind in 3 different colors) earns 1 BH each time it is rolled. These are conditional BH's and the player loses them if he Zonks.
  4. Train wreck (rolling a Zonk with all 6 dice) 'derails' the player and he receives a BH.
  5. Three Zonks in a row (with no BH's on the first two Z's) earns a BH in addition to any other scored on the roll.
  6. A Royale earns an extra BH (in addition to the one for scoring 1500 points). This BH is conditional.
  7. A "Slim Pickin's" (when all 6 dice are played one-at-a-time, so that they are all 1's or 5's and the player rolled 6 times) is worth 1 BH each time it occurs. This BH is conditional, and the player must keep rolling since all 6 dice are scored.
    [ed: this was originally called "Nicely Done" but became "Slim Pickin's" in the official 1983 Magic Bus edition.]
  8. First person over 5000 (or the game limit) gets 1 BH,
  9. The winner does up 1 large BH.
  10. (Optional) - The person with the fewest BH's may be awarded a consolation BH at the end of the game.

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Strategy Hints

If you don't have a good roll, just keep a single one or five. This will increase your chance for a three-of-a-kind on the next roll.

Try to play dice of different colors, to keep the possibility of rolling a colors BH.

If you have played 5 dice, rolling the last one gives you a 1-in-3 chance of getting a lot more points and BH's. Go for it!

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